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Need an Emergency Dentist in Highland, IN?

Dental emergencies often happen when you least expect them. As with any emergency, the more you know about how to handle dental emergencies beforehand, the better the possible outcome. If you experience a life-threatening dental emergency, you should call 911 or go to your nearest hospital immediately. If it’s a dental emergency that can wait to be addressed by an emergency dentist in the Highland area, look no further than Joel R. Korczak, D.D.S. Our office is equipped to treat anything from severe tooth pain to orthodontic emergencies, gum injuries, and traumatic dental injuries.

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How to Deal with the Most Common Dental Emergencies

The best thing you can do in any given dental emergency is to keep a cool head. Here are some tips for dealing with many of the most common types of dental emergencies:

  • Knocked-Out Tooth: Never pick up a knocked-out tooth by its root. You should gently clean it using water and attempt to put it back in its socket. If that’s not possible, you should put it in a glass of cold milk or try to put it between your cheek and gum applying gentle pressure. You should immediately contact your dentist or visit the emergency room if your dentist isn’t available. You’re more likely to save the tooth the quicker you act.
  • Tooth Pain: If you have severe tooth pain, you should contact our office and schedule an appointment at your soonest convenience. You could have a bacterial infection, a cavity, or a loose filling, or you could need a root canal treatment. We won’t know until we examine you.
  • Chipped or Loose Tooth: If you’ve chipped a tooth, you should attempt to locate the missing pieces and reattach them if possible. If you have a loose tooth, you have about six hours to get to your dentist unless you’re experiencing heavy bleeding. If you’re bleeding, you should visit your closest emergency room right away.
  • Orthodontic Emergency: If you have an infection or swelling to your gums, mouth, or face, you may be experiencing an orthodontic emergency. Sometimes orthodontic hardware may become loose, broken, or irritating. Please contact your dentist for advice or to schedule an appointment.
  • Gum Emergency: Your gums, tongue, or cheek linings could become injured as the result of an accidental bite, sports injury, or fall. If gum pain is ignored, it may lead to an abscess or a more serious infection. Soft-tissue injuries should be diluted with a salt water rinse. Bleeding should be stopped by applying gentle pressure. If bleeding is uncontrollable, you should visit your nearest emergency room immediately. If you have something stuck below your gum line, you may be able to get it out using dental floss or a toothpick. Otherwise, you should plan on scheduling an appointment with your dentist.

Contact Joel R. Korczak, D.D.S. to Schedule an Appointment

Do you need an emergency dentist in Highland, IN? Contact Joel R. Korczak, D.D.S. to schedule an appointment for emergency dental care. We strive to accommodate our patients’ needs with same-day emergency appointments whenever possible. However, if it’s a life-threatening or severe dental emergency, you should call 911 or visit your closest hospital for more immediate treatment. Remember, we’re here to help!

Care For Your Smile, Schedule an Appointment Today.